A Child’s Dream

What did you dream about when you were a child? Was it about getting a pony? Becoming an astronaut? Or perhaps to build the largest lego castle ever!?

I had those dreams growing up too. Those, and a few more most children don’t have.

A few years ago, I started something new. I began chasing my dreams! Exciting, right?

Not the dreams I formulated for myself as adult. Those dreams of getting promoted in my workplace, finding a significant other, or adopting a dog seemed too simple. (Although, I have none of them haha) I decided instead that I wanted to chase the dreams I had as a child.

You know, looking back on it now and writing it out makes it seem really silly. Nevertheless, I am already a few years into this endeavor. It’s too late to turn back now and I am okay with that.

My adolescence was different from many  childhoods. It is probably why my mother has called me “different” all my life. Being different has worked for me. I like it! Being different allowed me to think, act, and even dream differently.

As far as I can recall these were my more peculiar childhood dreams:
-donate my hair
-travel the world
-start a business
-live outside the country
-get a tattoo sleeve
-visit New Zealand

When you walk up to any kiddo and ask them what do you want to do when you get older, not many of them say, “I want to donate my hair, because some people who lose their hair to cancer don’t want straight hair wigs. They want curly hair like mine!” Nor do children often become obsessed with a country they have not visited, study the government, make reports for school, and decide that they want to move there.

Then again, I’m different.

My sister introduced me to a book called The Brainy Bunch. Like the majority of book recommendations I’m given, I settled for the cliff notes version. The major idea behind the book is that the dreams that children have are from God, because they were recently spending time with him. The book points out that we are divinely created in the womb of our mother by God, and therefore, the dreams children have are clearer because of their time with God.

So, my dream of having a tattoo sleeve is from God! Perhaps not.
But I’ll probably still get it anyway, you know, just in case.

I don’t think that all my dreams are divine ordinance from God. However, I do believe He has influence on my major ones, perhaps like New Zealand.

In no particular order, I decided to cross off the list of dreams. I will likely go into detail with some of them in other posts later. This post is about why I’m in New Zealand. The answer is simple: because Little Nuñez wanted to go.

“Why New Zealand?” is the most common question I am asked here in Auckland, back in the States, and just about anywhere I go.

It is very fun to tell people that I’m chasing the dream I had for myself when I was a child. The most common response to my answer is people smiling thinking about their childhood dreams.

I always try to add in the joke, “I saw the little New Zealand on the bottom right corner of a map. The United States is on the upper left side. I thought to myself, this is the farthest I can get away from my family. I MUST GO!”

Sorry mom, but this joke always gets a laugh.

Truthfully, I’ve always been a dreamer. Now I’m finally fulfilling them.